Ace Michaels Integrated Services Limited, is privileged to have as its strategic training and coaching partners some of the most renowned and competent Human Capacity Development professionals in the world.

With a  training faculty of over 35 years combined experience in Coaching and Personal Development, as well as its significant exposure to multinationals, SME’s, State Governments, and MDA’s, Ace Michaels’ faculty of Trainers and Coaches is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of a broad spectrum  of clients.

    • Communication in the Workplace
    • Self Mastery & Emotional Intelligence
    • Leadership & Team Management
    • Information Technology Training
    • ERP Orientation & Training


    • Etiquette Coaching
    • Personal Finance Management
    • Wealth Management
    • Sales and Business Development Skills

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

Albert Einstein
Africans consulting for company

Business Efficiency Consulting

Business Efficiency Consulting, is an invaluable service which Ace Michaels provides to its larger clients such as Zenith General Insurance. Our aim is to implement solutions which will reduce inefficiencies, costs, and wastages in time and resource terms at the organisation.

Thanks to its global network of technology providers and Process Optimisation experts, Ace Michaels is in a unique position to deliver the solutions illustrated below for Zenith General Insurance: 

Inventory Management Systems

Part Numbering Systems

Document Management Systems

Contracts Management System

Cost Estimation Services

Inventory Management Systems

Manpower Services

With a team consisting of highly experienced Recruitment Consultants and HR Managers with significant international exposure and local expertise,  Ace Michaels has the capacity to work with organisations of all sizes. Through the implementation of proven candidate sourcing and screening processes, Zenith General Insurance can be assured of an effective service which not only saves costs but also ensures that the best personnel are consistently on-boarded.

Africans consulting for company

Sustainability Consulting

Ace Michaels’ world-class in-house team works by collaborating with organisations such as Zenith General Insurance to develop, plan and execute effective and socially-conscious and sustainable initiatives with far-reaching impact. We provide networks and support to ensure sustainability strategies can succeed through engaging stakeholders at every level, both inside and outside a company.

Our  Sustainability Futures Lab helps businesses navigate an increasingly turbulent world by creating more resilient and sustainable strategies.  Ace Michaels has designed cutting-edge methodologies and tools for robust internal and external assessments, which helps companies better understand the changing context within which they operate.